M160X Sim Chassis

NZD $1,206.35 inc GST

(NZD $1,049.00 exc GST)

None Integrated Single Screen Mount +NZD $316.25 Integrated Triple Screen Mount +NZD $454.25 Separate Monitor Stand Triple Screen +NZD $339.25 Separate Monitor Stand Single Screen +NZD $488.75
None Standard 40120 Flat Mount Front Mount - Simucube/Mige/Simagic +NZD $218.50 Billet Integrated - Simucube/Mige/Simagic +NZD $402.50
None Keyboard Tray & Swing Mount +NZD $115.00 Mouse Pad Mount +NZD $46.00 Keyboard & Mouse Pad +NZD $161.00
Standard Pedal Deck Inverted Pedal Deck +NZD $454.25
None PC Shelf Fits on Hard Mounted Stand +NZD $201.25 PC Shelf Fits on Separate Mounted Stand +NZD $201.25
None VNM / Fanatec SQ1.5 +NZD $69.00 Thrustmaster Sequential Shifter Mount +NZD $69.00
None Fixed Brackets for Bucket Seats +NZD $97.75 Sliding Rails +NZD $97.75 Fixed Brackets + Sliding Rails +NZD $195.50
None Top / 4th Monitor Mount +NZD $207.00
None Cup Holder +NZD $28.75
Standard Anodised Black Powder Coating Red +NZD $389.85 Powder Coated Orange +NZD $389.85 Powder Coated Yellow +NZD $389.85 Powder Coated Green +NZD $389.85 Powder Coated Blue +NZD $389.85 Powder Coated Purple +NZD $389.85 Powder Coated Custom +NZD $437.00
None Assemble Chassis & Collect +NZD $97.75

M160X Simulator Racing Chassis / Rig

The Ultimate Sim chassis setup with no flex at all featuring much larger profiles compared to our 4080 rigs

With our vast experience in Engineering we have designed the best Simulator chassis found on the NZ market with the best possible pricing!

Our new 2024 model which has new features to make the chassis easier to assemble over the
competition and even more rigid by removing the traditional corner bracket fixing on the main points.

Heavy Duty Pro Configuration 40160 Frame size
4x Mounting Feet

40120 Uprights which fix straight into the chassis with T nuts
This creates the strongest possible connection of the uprights
Resulting in no flex compared to using corner brackets

CAD Designed & Engineered in house right here in New Zealand 🇳🇿
Fully Modular, compact and light weight
Constructed from High Quality aluminium extrusion with heavy duty wall thickness

Extrusion rig allows the design to be VERY modular allowing you to easily adjust to fit all body sizes
Fully adjustable in every way – Can be adjusted for a Child, Flight Sim, F1 Style etc
Aluminium extrusions rigs allow endless possible add on mounts by purchasing extra extrusions and fixings.

Seat Mounting Base

Gear Lever Mount now featuring solid mounting brackets for no flex
We found traditional corner brackets to have more flex than we wanted

Flat Deck Steering Wheel Mount 40120

Heavy Duty Modular Pedal Mount Setup Fits ALL pedal types,
**No need to buy an extra pedal mount** Save hundreds of dollars!!
VNM, Simtrecs, Simagic, Fanatec V3s, Heusinkveld, Logitech, Thrustmaster etc

Fully Adjustable Heel Tray

High Quality Ball Spring T Nuts
Black Cap Screws & Washers

Designed to take 35Nm+ DD Wheels with no flex!
Suited for the pros wanting the extreme solid setup
Supports motion setups
Dimensions: 1400mm x 680mm x 680mm – Ours are wider than others on the market therefore fits the larger person much more comfortably, also fits shifters & hand brakes without hitting your seat
Assembly Instructions Provided

Make it your own:
We offer powder coating services on all our sim chassis. Solid & Metallic colours are available + custom colours of your choice

Customised Powder Coating – Solid & Metallic is available at extra cost – Please Contact us to Discuss
Front Mounted Wheel Deck – Simucube, Mige, Fanatec
Billet Integrated Mounts – Simucube & Mige
Keyboard & Mouse Pad Mounts & Trays
Fixed Bucket Mounts MRP – Sim Specific with higher angles
Inverted Pedal Deck (Original Pedal Deck still included)
Sliding Seat Rails
PC Tray

40160 = 40mmx160mm
We can only ship to NZ & Australia for this product

Extrusion rigs are the main stream standard when it comes to Pro Sim Racing. Most aftermarket companies make their products to fit on extrusions rigs.
The rigs are motion compatible so in the future you can easily upgrade and it all bolts on

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