MRP Simucube Turn Key Simulator Package Single

NZD $12,362.50 inc GST

(NZD $10,750.00 exc GST)

M80X M160X +NZD $368.00
Simucube 2 Sport 17Nm Simucube 2 Pro 25Nm +NZD $460.00
Simdid GTW Round Wheel 320mm Simline BPV3 (Wireless) with GTD Wheel +NZD $603.75 Simline BPV3 (Wireless) with Round Wheel +NZD $603.75 Simucube GT21 (Wireless) +NZD $569.25 Cube Controls GT Pro (Wireless) +NZD $684.25 Cube Controls GT Pro (USB) +NZD $523.25 Leoxz XF-1 Sport Formula +NZD $603.75
Scarles Pro Bucket Seat OMP TRS-X +NZD $287.50 Sparco Grid Q +NZD $598.00 Sparco Circuit I +NZD $800.40 Sparco Circuit II +NZD $868.25 Sparco Evo L +NZD $851.00 Sparco Evo XL +NZD $900.45
VNM Load Cell 3 Pedals Simtrecs Pro Pedal GT +NZD $1,357.00
None VNM H Pattern / Sequnetial Shifter +NZD $494.50 VNM Load Cell Hand Brake +NZD $402.50 VNM Shifter + Handbrake +NZD $897.00
None Top / 4th Monitor Mount +NZD $207.00
None Cup Holder +NZD $28.75

MRP Simucube Turn Key Sim Rig Package

This is our full plug and play Turn Key Sim Rig Package with a single 49″ Ultrawide Screen

Everything is pre-calibrated ready to use – Unlike other suppliers this is a TRUE turn key setup
We can install iRacing, Rfactor, Auotmobilista, Assetto Corsa at extra costs

Why choose MRP?
* We design and manufacture sim racing equipment directly in house
* Vast experience with hardware & software setup
* Highly active in the sim racing community not only in NZ but worldwide

MRP HD Rig – Choice between our M80X frame or M160X
Simucube 2 Sport 17Nm Direct Drive Wheel Base – Used by all professional drivers around the world, majority of F1 drivers run this unit
Simdid GTW 320mm Wheel  with RGB Buttons & Magnetic Shifters
VNM Load Cell Pedals
Scales Pro Bucket Seat
Sliding Seat Rails
Bucket Seat Mounts
Head phone mount
Custom Built Gaming PC – AMD 5600x, RTX 4060 Graphics card, 1TB SSD, 16GB Ram
Windows 11 Pro
Single 49″ Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor 120hz 1440p
Single Screen Hard Mount
PC Tray
Keyboard & Mouse tray
3 year after support warranty (terms & conditions apply)

Optional Parts
*Optional Simtrecs Pro Pedals
*Optional Shifter & Handbrake
*Optional 40160 Frame Upgrade
*Optional Sparco Seat Upgrade
*Optional Simucube 2 Pro Upgrade (25Nm)

Extrusion rigs are the main stream standard when it comes to Pro Sim Racing. Most aftermarket companies make their products to fit on extrusions rigs.
The rigs are motion compatible so in the future you can easily upgrade and it all bolts on (We will be offering this soon around the $5k range for a full motion bolt on setup)

All Turn Key Setups are Built to Order – Lead times can vary up to 4 weeks, please contact us to discuss

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