Simucube 2 Pro + Leoxz Formula Wheel

NZD $3,852.50 inc GST

(NZD $3,350.00 exc GST)

None MRP Simucube Bracket - Folded Steel Powder Coated +NZD $126.50 Billet Bracket fits in between 4080 or 40120 Profile +NZD $402.50 Full Wheel Deck Plate - Contact us to discuss your measurements +NZD $345.00

Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive Wheel Base + Leoxz Formula Wheel

**MRP LTD is the Official New Zealand Distributor of Simucube Products**

*In Stock ready to ship*

What’s included?
– Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase 25Nm
Leoxz Formula Wheel with Screen
– 1 x Power supply R2
– Cables
– Stop button
– Simucube SQR hub & wheel mount
– Mounting bolts for front mount

Installation and drivers
Because of the peak torque loads generated by the Simucube 2 Pro, we recommend a rigid aluminium front mounting chassis.
TrueDrive software from Simucube is easily installed and will automatically update the Simucube firmware and drivers. With TrueDrive you can save tuning profiles for your racing car and your favourite sim software. TrueDrive is also required to configure compatible wireless wheels.

Standard warranty
24 months
Warranty is direct in NZ with MRP LTD (If units are faulty they are replaced directly in NZ with minimal lead times to keep you racing)

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