MRP Moza Simulator Package

NZD $3,444.25 inc GST

(NZD $2,995.00 exc GST)

None Integrated Single Screen Mount +NZD $373.75 Integrated Triple Screen Mount +NZD $454.25 Separate Monitor Stand Single +NZD $339.25 Separate Monitor Stand Triple +NZD $488.75
None Keyboard Swing Tray +NZD $126.50 Mouse Pad +NZD $57.50 Keyboard + Mouse Pad +NZD $172.50
None Moza SRP Dual Pedals Moza SRP Dual Pedals + Clutch +NZD $79.98 VNM Load Cell 3 Pedal Set + Heel Mount +NZD $1,092.50
None PC Shelf Fits on Hard Mounted Stand +NZD $195.50 PC Shelf Fits on Separate Mounted Stand +NZD $195.50
None CS Wheel KS Wheel 300mm GT Style +NZD $49.45
None Moza R9 Moza R12 +NZD $304.75

MRP 4080 Moza Simulator Package

This is an entry level Direct drive high end sim package kit for those who already have a PC & Screens

Why choose MRP?
* We design and manufacture sim racing equipment directly in house
* Vast experience with hardware & software setup
* Highly active in the sim racing community not only in NZ but worldwide

MRP 4080 HD Chassis
Moza R9 Wheel Base with mounting plate
Moza CS 330mm Round Wheel
Moza SRP Dual Pedals
Scarles Pro Suede Bucket Seat
Sliding Seat Rails
Bucket Seat Mounts

Optional Parts
*Optional Screen Mount
*Optional Keyboard & Mouse tray
*Optional PC Mount
*Optional VNM Load Cell Pedals
*Optional Clutch add on
*Optional KS Wheel
*Optional R12 Wheel base

Extrusion rigs are the main stream standard when it comes to Pro Sim Racing. Most aftermarket companies make their products to fit on extrusions rigs.
The rigs are motion compatible so in the future you can easily upgrade and it all bolts on (We will be offering this soon around the $5k range for a full motion bolt on setup)

 **PC & Screens Not Included**

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