Simucube 2 Sport Direct Drive Wheel Base

NZD $2,334.50 inc GST

(NZD $2,030.00 exc GST)

None MRP Simucube Bracket - Folded Steel Powder Coated +NZD $115.00 Billet Bracket fits in between 4080 or 40120 Profile +NZD $402.50 Full Wheel Deck Plate - Contact us to discuss your measurements +NZD $345.00
None MRP QR Kit with Adapter +NZD $132.25 Simucube Wheel Side QR Kit +NZD $138.00
Simucube 2 Sport Direct Drive Wheel Base
**MRP LTD is the Official New Zealand Distributor of Simucube Products**

Get on the pace
At the very top of the Wishlist of most sim racing enthusiasts should be Simucube’s astonishing Simucube 2 Sport direct drive sim racing wheel.
With striking build quality and immense accessibility, Simucube have made their entry-range offering the best starting point for anyone interested in upgrading to direct drive wheel from belt or gear driven wheels.
With cutting edge features like the exceptional SQR hub and Simucube Wireless Wheel technology, the Simucube 2 Sport is a highly progressive, smooth and usable sim racing wheelbase ideal for those wanting to find more pace through accuracy, detail, reaction time and the natural force feedback effects.

Highly detailed track driving experience
Match the pace in eSports competition with the Simucube 2 Sport direct drive wheel. The Simucube 2 Sport is the next generation system from Granite devices offering 17 Nm of peak torque.
Thanks to its high technology 22-bit angle sensor straight from the Granite Devices industrial R&D lab, every bump and vibration from the track is faithfully communicated through the wheel with supreme accuracy.
Peak and constant torque is delivered smoothly, and, with no lag, you will feel confident in making quick adjustments on track thanks to the incredibly responsive and realistic feel.

Increase your Competitiveness with ultra-fast reaction speeds
Thanks to the Simucube high torque response rate Sport motor, every tiny detail of your racing chassis movement is communicated at blistering speed. Each track detail, bump and vibration is delivered instantly with clarity that allows the driver to make quick effective adjustments in the race seat.
If you’re a Formula car driver you’ll love the Simucube 2 Sport. Its smooth delivery of force feedback is ideally suited to F1, F3 and Sports Prototype class cars running on slicks. The extensive range of Formula style wheels available from Cube Controls compliment the Simucube 2 Sport by providing precisely the inputs required to maintain the performance of your car through a race.
The accurate feedback from the TrueDrive system means every brake bias, differential, traction control and ABS change can be felt though the wheel immediately.

Drive like a Pro racing driver
Simucube’s TrueDrive technology is constantly under development meaning that the incredibly natural feel of the racing chassis is always improving.
Simucube’s superior dynamic range at every level of torque means that you will always have a clear picture of what your racing car chassis and tyres are doing in the simulation, making for more confident and accurate driving.
Catch slides before they happen thanks to Simucube’s amazing digital signal processing and high slew rate knowing that as you develop in the simulator, you are also developing your driving ability as a Professional driver would.

Professional racing car feel through the Simucube SQR Hub

Simucube’s exciting SQR hub technology is the favourite quick release systems in the sim racing in
A highly professional QR hub, included with the package.dustry. SQR offers precisely CNC machined aluminium billet componentry and fits so perfectly that you will sense no play or flex from the QR hub mount. No detail is lost through this hub.

What’s included?
– Simucube 2 Sport wheelbase
– 1 x Power supply (R2 Single PSU Update)
– Cables
– Stop button
– Simucube SQR hub mount (motor side only, wheel side QR is extra cost)
– Mounting bolts for front mount

Installation and drivers
Because of the peak torque loads generated by the Simucube 2 Pro, we recommend a rigid aluminium front mounting chassis.
TrueDrive software from Simucube is easily installed and will automatically update the Simucube firmware and drivers. With TrueDrive you can save tuning profiles for your racing car and your favourite sim software. TrueDrive is also required to configure compatible wireless wheels.

Standard warranty
24 months
Warranty is direct in NZ with MRP LTD (If units are faulty they are replaced directly in NZ with minimal lead times to keep you racing)
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